100% Pure Argan Oil

Organic – Natural – Additive free

100% Pure Argan Oil

Hair – Face – Body

100% Pure Argan Oil

Conditioner – Moisturiser – Anti-ageing

Moroccan “liquid gold“

Our Story

Sustainably sourced organic cold-pressed 100% pure liquid gold.

Our vision is to bring a bottle of pure Argan oil into every home while keeping to our principles of being a social enterprise and directly work with the women within our partner co-operative in Morocco.

Argan oil is a legendary multipurpose beauty oil which has been used by Moroccan women as part of their daily beauty regime for centuries. These ancient beauty secrets, proven for hundreds of years, are now spreading worldwide within products which only feature Argan oil (often only in small quantities) . Only pure Argan oil as it has always been made and used unlocks the full benefits of the Argan tree.

Our oil is directly sourced from a Women’s co-operative in Morocco to support their social and economic welfare. These co-operatives work within a UNESCO biosphere reserve that ensure ecological and quality protection. Sustainability and purity of our products are essential elements of our vision. Mogador liquid gold is certified organic by ECOCERT.

The 57 Berber women that work with us utilise handmade techniques that have been passed down through many generations combined with modern cold-press processing technology from Germany which lock in the nutrients to produce the highest quality of pure Argan oil. We do not test on animals or use any additives.

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  • Mogador Liquid Gold 30ml Pure Argan Oil
  • 100% pure organic Argan oil.
  • Made in Morocco.
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Organic Cold Pressed

Chemistry & Quality

Argan oil comes from the kernels of the Argania Spinosa tree, one of the oldest trees in the world. It is a natural organic oil made by the Berber women of southern Morocco. Pure argan oil has been used in Morocco for centuries to nourish and protect the hair, skin and nails. Argan oil contains many chemical elements which are beneficial to the skin and hair such as natural tocopherols, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, squalene and antioxidants.

A Social Enterprise

Our Sources

Mogador liquid gold 100% pure argan oil is directly imported from Morocco and genuinely meets ECO and organic certifications. It is not tested on animals.The Argan tree is protected by UNESCO as a world cultural treasure – as the area in which it grows (once covering the whole of North Africa) shrinks constantly. Argan oil is considered one of the rarest (and most valuable) oils as 100 kilos of dried fruit (production 8.6 trees) and 8 to 10 hours of labour is required to produce just 1 litre of pure oil.

Pure Organic Argan Oil


  • Smooths & eliminates frizz & split ends
  • Penetrates hair pores & enhances elasticity
  • Conditions & restores over-processed, brittle or colour treated hair
  • Protects hair from environmental damage & heat
  • Anti-Dandruff
  • Anti-Hair fall, prevents against overproduction of sebum.
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, scars, stretch marks and blemishes.
  • Diminishes the appearance of blotches, age spots & reduces skin irritations
  • Skin toner & Exfoliant
  • Anti-Acne, prevents against overproduction of sebum
  • Relieves razor burns & cold sores
  • Soothes sun burns
  • Works on dry feet & cracked heels
  • Prevents nails from becoming brittle and breaking, moisturizes nail bed
100% Pure Argan Oil


A premium non-greasy yet high moisturising and conditioning elixir.

Mogador liquid gold is a premium 100% pure organic hair, face and body treatment that offers amazing benefits. It works great as a conditioner to add curls, body and gloss, fix over-processed/damaged hair, split ends, dandruff and prevent hair loss. It is a great skin moisturiser for conditions such as acne, eczema; sensitive, itchy and dry skin as well as to nourish eyelashes and brittle nails.

Rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to deeply hydrate and nourish hair & skin, Argan oil’s natural formula contains astonishing healing, conditioning and anti-ageing effects. Its unique non greasy yet extremely moisturising properties means that a couple of drops is all that’s needed to rejuvenate and nourish hair and skin.

Easily absorbed, it delivers silky smooth non frizzy hair and a fresh dewy facial glow. Argan oil repairs hair and skin by fighting against loss of hair elasticity and factors favouring the appearance of wrinkles. 


How To Use ?



To achieve soft-silky-shiny hair apply 2-5 drops to damp hair after washing. Style as needed. Mogador liquid gold works well to add curls, remove frizz and soften hair tremendously. For dry, itchy and hair-fall problem, gently massage a few drops of Argan oil onto affected areas. Use a generous amount to nourish, condition and restore over-processed, brittle or colour treated hair.

Argan oil makes an excellent chemical-free leave-in conditioner to prolong and intensify its beneficial effects on hair. Unlike many leave-in conditioners which are greasy and make hair stringy or clumpy, it makes hair easier to style as it absorbs easily and does not leave any greasy residue. Using a larger quantity of Argan oil as a natural hair mask ensures maximum nutrient absorption. Use a liberal amount of the oil and massage it into your scalp, hair and tips and then wrap your hair up in a towel overnight. 

It is also great as a styling agent especially before straightening as it can help protect against heat damage. Rub a few drops of argan oil between your palms and comb through dry hair. 



Use during the day as well as overnight to nourish and moisturise the face and to enhance skin rejuvenation process. After cleansing your face, apply 2 drops of Argan oil onto palms and rub hands together. Gently massage onto your face in a circular motion. Apply when face is damp for a dewy, radiant look. Focus on affected ageing and dry areas to help increase effect

Cleanse face, neck and décolletage, first thing in the morning and before bedtime to remove dirt, excess oil and grime. This aids the cell renewal process, an important factor in reducing wrinkles and combating the causes of ageing. A more gentle form of exfoliation is to use a few drops of Argan oil, emulsify with water, massage face using a muslin cloth then rinse well with clean water, finally pat your face dry with a soft, clean towel. Argan oil is the best natural alternative to night cream.

An amazing makeup base, it provides an amazing glow to your skin while maintaining your makeup for a longer time. Simply apply a couple drops to your palms and massage gently onto skin before makeup.



Apply 2-5 drops of Argan oil onto palms and gently massage affected areas.  Also great for dry and rough hands as well as a post-shave ointment. It can also be used as a post-tan moisturiser due to its highly protective properties on skin. A great remedy for dry elbows, chapped skin and cracked heels.

For conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, add an extra drop to affected areas. Argan oil can also be pure Argan oil can also be blended with your usual body or massage oils. Add just a couple of drops of argan oil to your carrier oil of choice (ideally, pure cold-pressed coconut, olive, jojoba, sweet almond, or sesame) to immediately reap all the benefits of this healing natural oil. If you have dry patches on your heals, elbows or other areas, massage an extra drop into those areas for relief.

Due to it’s anti-wrinkle effects, pure Argan oil is commonly used in Morocco for pre and post natal care. Preventing stretch marks by improving skin elasticity and soothing skin. As it is natural, pure and organic, it is perfect for both mother and baby. Warm 3 drops of Mogador liquid gold in the palm of your hands and gently rub desired areas.



For strong and beautiful nails, apply a couple drops directly onto cuticles and fingertips.



Argan oil is an amazing beard oil due to its highly moisturising and conditioning effects but non greasy texture. Simply apply a drop or two onto your palms and apply to beard. It will ensure a non prickly and soft beard texture.

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